Here Is Where I Get My “Humorless Feminist” Cred…


05/08/2013 by syrbal-labrys

Because I am just not fucking amused at ANY of these targets….calling them zombies does not make it alright with me. So when the NRA sells a female mannequin target that bleeds fake blood in a nation where an awful lot of women are shot? Yeah, I am fucking UNamused.

No, before you mouth-breathers ask, I do NOT have a sense of humor about this shit. Just like YOU would find it humorless if I suggested all rapists be castrated with the sharpened edge of a kitchen spoon.


10 thoughts on “Here Is Where I Get My “Humorless Feminist” Cred…

  1. E.A. Blair says:

    Why sharpen the spoon?

  2. Old GMan says:

    My mother wanted me to buy her a rusty fork. An old fashioned three point tin fork with bits of tranish and rust with which she planned to stab a number of politicians local and national. She always tried to pass it off as humor. But I knew better. I never did get her that fork. Especially since she was wheelchair bound and I would had to push her to within stabbing range. When I read about this “target”, I must admit to a fair amount of regreat not getting her that fork. In this case I would have gladly helped her get close enough.

  3. Rowan says:

    So you think having bleeding targets of known rapists to shoot the balls off of wouldn’t sell? ‘Cause I think it would be great therapy for anyone whose had to deal with rape trauma. Yeah, I know rape is about power, not sex supposedly. It’s just a bit of fantasy about disarming the weapon. See if they think it’s innocuous then – amusing even. Ha-frakking-ha. Damn – told you I’m getting nastier the older I get.

    • syrbal says:

      Women do …. women get more radical with age. Never, ever, ever piss off a grannie wearing steel toed boots.

      Who needs a fake bleeding target?

  4. That “target” is a bundle of pathologies. The fact that any of their “bleeding” targets would appeal to anyone is alarming, but that “ex-girlfriend” target is truly stomach-churning.

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