Tuesday Tantrums – Link-o-mancy


01/08/2013 by syrbal-labrys

th_GoldenWow, sometimes a week does start out feeling as if it is made of shitstorms Mondays.

I mean, a whole bunch of people are screaming about how “sacrosanct” the second amendment is, (one much louder than others), but some Rethuglican ones have decided they can tell Gabrielle Giffords to “stay out of our town”, not to mention the inherent denial of first amendment rights there?
Seriously, a Republican is daring to accuse a woman NO LONGER IN POLITICAL OFFICE of having only political reasons to visit a shot-up town to express her heart-felt commiseration?

And yes, Alex, Alex, Alex….YOU, who are screaming like someone who DID in fact miss his meds, YOU blaming Prozac for mass shootings, but not your “sacrosanct” fucking right to own a ton of guns? Good green goddess dressing! Step away from the steroids, or wtf EVER you are on; I mean really, Dude, is your dick THAT small? For pity’s sake, go buy a gigantic pick up to drive two blocks to pick up more cheap red wine or Budweiser, ok?

And oh mah gawds, these wimmens and their immodest ways. Again with the religious nutjobs deciding that women must be more careful not to “inflame” male lust, because, Holy Batshit, Bat-Woman, we couldn’t possibly expect men to be in control of their OWN bodies, impulses, and emotions, right? Israel wants THREE YEAR OLD girls given “modesty lessons” and Indonesia can’t be having women straddling motor-bikes (because that might be the most satisfying sexual experience of their lives?) and hide those curves, damn it! The question this begs for me? If women like me are told they are “co-dependent” for staying with, loving, and supporting a ptsd’d man instead of saying “Ok, YOU handle your fucking issue, Buddy” and walking out…..why are not these ENTIRE RELIGIONS dinged for creating a co-dependent CULTURE wherein the females are responsible for every sin indulged in by men? If we women are indeed the “weaker vessels” and secondary creations, why are not the MEN responsible for what they do; why do these patriarchal piles of shit theology find a way to blame women for every-damned-thing? (Oh, lookie, I had a little tantrum of my own there!)

And then, on the subject of the war on women and those happy misogynistic Christian soldiers? Don’t get pregnant in Georgia, unless you are absolutely certain nothing could possibly go wrong. Because if something goes very badly wrong? You could end up being faced with a caesarian section to deliver a non-viable fetus. This means, of course, that each and every other pregnancy of your life has a good chance of needing major surgery to deliver a child.

So, why does the state of Georgia want to make a pile of money for surgeon-obstetricians? Oh, because the fetus must feel NO pain and must have the “best chance” of living…..so even if your much desired babe unborn is in some way messed up beyond all repair, Georgia law now pretty much requires you to risk your future ability to have children and possibly your life to please the fetus-loving crowd busy trying to make sure no abortion can happen, by endowing every fetus with more rights that the mother was once presumed to have. Go read Dr. Jen and then go kick stones, slaughter weeds, or possibly sacrifice black cockerels named after specific Georgia legislators.

And again, we Americans have a lot to say about a free press and free speech, right? So why is it ok to put “filters” on the internet to block blogs and magazines that have content that makes the Tighty Righty Religious types tick the hell out? Isn’t THAT a violation of the privileges of choice? And perhaps of the pursuit of happiness bit as well? I mean, gee, you Christian sorts, I GET that your Holy Book is full of violence and porn that is AOK, but hey, I’ve read those stories; so where do you get off branding MY freedom of speech OR reading as “occult”, “criminal”, or …well, we know that dread gay and lesbian stuff shan’t be allowed to say it’s name or anything else, right? My religious impulses do NOT ban sex of any consensual sort, so why do YOU get to tell me what to read if my only internet hook up is one you might control through your Christian soldier drones at the Pentagon?

It all makes me most snarly feeling. This is why the wolverine is one of my totems. And damned if my stomach isn’t so upset that I will have to visualize/meditate upon putting my sharp pointy wolverine teeth in deserving asses to be able to finally eat some food instead of surviving on coffee today.


2 thoughts on “Tuesday Tantrums – Link-o-mancy

  1. Oblio says:

    Thanks for this rant, me wants more. Of course, you really nailed me with a wolvering drop, as my similar rantings often make reference to that furry beast, visit mi bloggo and bask in the furriness. Muchismas Gracias!!!!!!!

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