Way To Miss The Point

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12/26/2012 by syrbal-labrys

Cause, yeah, the legal system sure has a handle on gun violence, it does. Because, considering whether or not to prosecute David Gregory for using a EMPTY 30 bullet magazine as a prop (and WITHOUT a weapon present) on his television show…sure THAT will stop the carnage in America! NEVER MIND, that he used it to ask NRA asshat Wayne LaPierre whether or not the simple elimination of the legality of such extended magazines would reduce the carnage seen in Connecticut the week before Christmas.

Never mind that LaPierre and other gun nuts keep avoiding honest dialogue about why “sportsmen” need the weaponry of modern battlefields. Yeah, the police should definitely bust a reporter who used an empty clip to ask a question. Cause yeah, that is some dangerous, violent shit there. Asking questions is fucking DEADLY.


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