A New Contender In the Dumber Than a Bag of Hammers Contest

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12/19/2012 by syrbal-labrys

Tarot_001Oh, those nutbag legislators who just cannot work their minds around the idea that everyone does NOT love their tyrannical mono-not-so-omni-god**, does not hate homosexuals, is not afraid of women outside of a kitchen or bedroom, and also do not believe in “legitimate rape.” Yes, nutcase Todd Akin’s fingerprints are appearing again on hateful shit.

First, all ’round the nation, lawmakers and strangely “activist” judges have thought it is ok for allegedly professional pharmacists and doctors to deny women health care of various sorts IF it would interfere with said woman being barefoot and pregnant….in other words, because of supposedly “religious conscience” they can refuse to dispense contraception prescriptions or care. Personally, I thought these delicate little flowers should have just taken their asses off to a monastery or convent and called it done.

But now, that same quality crowd of crazies, still butthurt (yes, nasty pun intended) because the horrifyingly homosexual sorts have been given permission to serve in the military, these lawmakers want to EXTEND that “conscience bit” Because, OMG, don’t put me in a foxhole with that gay man cause he has gay cooties! They try to dress up the language so it is all nice:

“…the U.S. military would have to “accommodate the conscience and sincerely held moral principles and religious beliefs of the members of the Armed Forces concerning the appropriate and inappropriate expression of human sexuality” and may not use these beliefs as the basis of any adverse personnel action or discrimination. Additionally, it would prohibit the U.S. military from taking action against military chaplains who decline to serve a particular service member based on religious beliefs.”

Of course, as Echidne says in the post that put me wise to this bit of bullshit and homophobia, this kind of nonsensical “conscience clause” could enable ANYONE on ANY JOB to discriminate against anyone without legal repercussions. Employers believing women belong at home could refuse to hire women, for instance. And that Mormon at the grocery store could refuse to sell you cigarettes or booze. The Jewish or Moslem checker could huffily tell you to get that dead pig parts package off his register.

But that would be the minor stuff, having to guess which checker would let you buy coffee or booze. This one would really screw minorities to whom any whacko religious crap could be applied. Religious Right wingtards could be whatever brand of horrid they want to homosexuals. One presumes some hardcore Mormon sorts, believing dark skin is the brand of their angry God, could discriminate against blacks, Indians, and other people of color. Do these people cherry-pick their Bibles? Oh, hell yes. They don’t want to be held to the full text of their Old Testament, of course; only their favorite bits that allow them to be assholes to people who scare them and those who might be having more fun than they could ever dream of having.

**You know the one, that One that Mr. Dobson said allowed the slaughter of 20 Connecticut school children because He was mad at us for not believing in and kowtowing to sufficiently? Yeah, That God. The one any self-respecting deity does NOT want to be. Yeah, it makes me sympathize with Kali on the Tarot card…..I do feel like someone should take Mr. Akin to a real woodshed and introduce him to some OLDER style religion.


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