Cocktail Parties and Cupcakes, Was It?

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11/20/2012 by syrbal-labrys

Ah, the 1950’s. That era that modern day Republicans wax nostalgic for…at least for what women were doing back then. Wearing pearls, heels, crinolines and perfecting the best martini EVER for their husbands. When they weren’t padding around the kitchen barefoot and pregnant, that is.

Yeah, right. I was a child of the 50’s. My daddy wasn’t the pay grade for martinis. He came home and had a beer. And busted my ass for playing with the black kids down the street. My mother wore heels and crinolines, but owned no pearls. She called the pretty blonde neighbor who DID own pearls a fat whore. Good times, right? Alcohol was the fuel of the 50’s and booze companies made elaborate bottles often decorated with cloth ribbons, as if that high octane brain-cell-killer was nobility of some sort. My husband recalls his parents connecting those ribbons together in sufficient quantity to make a giant “X” that hung suspended across the living room ceiling.

I spent a lot of those years scrubbing the white wall tires on my dad’s car, and hiding from him with my black playmates.

So, gee, call me a child anarchist for not feeling like any of the “fathers” knew best! But mostly? I remember there WERE jobs.
The modern Republicans don’t want you to think too much beyond women in crinolines orgasming over shiny kitchen floors. Because as Paul Krugman says via Montag, there were some substantial differences in the way taxes on the rich were run then….hey, I might orgasm over a kitchen floor, too, even now…if some of those rich bastards got taxed at 91%! This is why they hated FDR, btw; because in the wake of the Great Depression and the Stock Market crash caused by speculators making fortunes in the best robber baron style, he decided those “Gilded Age” motherfuckers did not deserve to EVER fuck the whole country again. He made sure their money really DID go BACK into business and job CREATION! And now?

(And edited to add, just in case you think modern job “creators” are in ANY way on the side of the workers, consider the real and justified reasons the Hostess workers told them where to put their cupcakes: 1) 8% hourly pay cut in year 1 with additional cuts totaling 27% over 5 years. Currently, I make $16.12 an hour at TOP rate of pay in the bakery. I would drop to $11.26 in 5 years.
2) They get to keep our $3+ an hour forever.
3) Doubling of weekly insurance premium.
4) Lowering of overall quality of insurance plan.
5) TOTAL withdrawal from ALL pensions. If you don’t have it now then you never will.
Quote from here.)

Well, hey, the Rethuglicans hope they have dumbed down American education enough over the last thirty years or so, and they are set to convince you that your neo-feudal masters will take better care of you than those damned Communist Democrats. If you are buying that vat of syphilitic sheep dip? You deserve to be a serf. Me? I need to get my bow training back up to snuff….and oh, hey, fuck crinolines.


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