Catch-Up, Toss-Up


11/13/2012 by syrbal-labrys

Wow, I slide on the news for almost a week because I am busy? Unholy cat-crap. Just some random opinions as I read through it all:

States petitioning for permission to leave the Union because the Chief Executive is STILL a black man:

Seriously? Are you fucking nuts? Most of all ya’ll can’t make your budget without federal hand-outs, who the hell do you think is going to pay those bills if not Uncle Sugar? Louisiana? What about the next hurricane feeling Katrina-ish? Texas? What about when the Mexican narco-lords decide to make YOUR territory their next acquisition? Alabama?…Ah, fuck you, just go; let all the women, minorities and people with normal brains leave first. Montana? I hope the Sioux decide to invade you! Of course, these are nutcake CITIZENS of these states; the state governments freaking KNOW better. So hey, “citizens”….your own state governments will be telling Obama that all you fruitcakes just had too much of the wood grain alcohol.

And yes, it is time to take the cellphones with cameras away from men. Since every third one of them feels compelled to send allegedly sexy pictures to some woman who likely should not be receiving the same. Great balls that SHOULD be afire…Petraeus and then the FBI agent investigating? This is what comes of sexual repression and idiocy. Frankly? I don’t give a damn who sleeps with whom, and I do not understand why anyone else does either. I personally wouldn’t be firing generals for who they slept with; I’d fire them for losing WARS. But the whole hot mess blowing up because a right wingtard FBI agent THINKS something Obama-ish is being covered up?? Holy flaming balls of dogshit, Bat-shit-crazy-Man! Petraeus was on the job BEFORE Obama….it isn’t as if the Commander in Chief makes this guys bedroom choices for him. I hope the little FBI wingtard is thrown into some FBI outer darkness hellhole for the rest of his life. (Also, the investigation spreading to letters of recommendation written by Petraeus and Allan to help Jill Whatshername’s SISTER with custody issues? Holy shit, leave no silly stone unturned?)

And for all the tighty whitey righty church folks? The ones who think being good Christians means enforcing the rules of their religion on everyone? Yeah, odd how most Americans do NOT want to live in a Christianized version of Talibanistan, eh? Yes, you got your message out that us female “vessels” are supposed to shut up, enjoy rape, and have babies. No, we did NOT accept that shit. Bite me. Also? You may scream about America being a “Christian nation” all you like; that simply does not mean every citizen IS in fact Christian. So, hey, lecture in your CHURCHES…NOT on street corners (or televisions, thanks) like your very own Christ said. Anyone who WANTS to hear your words will be there. If they aren’t? Hey, they switched teams, deal with it. Oh, btw, your Jesus also allegedly said “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” So hey, keep pissing off people who want to live quiet NOT STREET CORNER lives and you are going to go down the drain!

What’s that? A pagan woman like me doesn’t get to preach to YOU Christians, from your Book? You don’t like someone NOT of your faith telling you how to run your lives? Hey, welcome to my life. And yeah, kiss it!


8 thoughts on “Catch-Up, Toss-Up

  1. badtux99 says:

    Three words for those thinking of seceding:

    William Tecumseh Sherman.

    This one’s done been settled :).

    – Badtux the Snarky Penguin

  2. julesagray says:

    You know, let them all secede–we’ll help them by giving their country a new name: Choadastan. And the president will be Rapey McRapersons.
    The folks who have their white trash knickers in a wad because our President is Negra are an embarrassment to humankind. they can piss off.

    • syrbal says:

      Yeah, pretty much my idea. Let the morons go, the national average IQ will hit the moon in the rapid rise.

      • julesagray says:

        i’m sure you saw this but the states with the most educated and bested educated voted for Obama, while the dumbest (hello alabama) voted for Romney.
        That explains volumes.

      • syrbal says:

        Oh, yeah….well do I know it. Course, I do pity the more intelligent thoughtful folk trapped in those states dominated by dumbshit-itis. They need a sale at Walmart on head space adjustment tools…

      • julesagray says:

        I live in Chicago and outside of Cook County, it’s redder than a redneck’s ass after passing out naked on the riverbank after a day of handfishing and moonshine drinking.
        dumbshit-itis. like it.

      • syrbal says:

        Yeah, we used to have some old Army acquaintances who lived just outside Chicago. You said it…red, so red. Course, the old buddy, a big-time PTSD denier? He moved to Alabama…it wasn’t “red” enough for him outside of Chicago, apparently.

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