Blogroll Amnesty Days


02/01/2013 by syrbal-labrys

545237I honestly do not know how to know if a blog is small, medium, or large. This is because I am a Luddite who still misses her typewriter. Nonetheless, there are blogs I have not seen around much that I greatly enjoy reading….so I will list them herein for your consideration!

Mystic Mud Home making the hard way!

And this one is sheer bias, it is my photographer husband’s entry into the online world:
The Pickled Photographer (note: the “Pickled” refers to his middle name, not his drinking habits, lol!)

Job’s Anger Because yes, I approve this message that it is time to get mad!

And a fellow veteran, whose blog title admits some folks just don’t want to listen: Unsolicited Opinion

And an honest admission is ever the draw, no? Endlessly Erring ….like the rest of us!

And a sixth…just because of my bias family listing, lol: Dead Wild Roses

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2 thoughts on “Blogroll Amnesty Days

  1. misslisted says:

    Well you know I’m your fan, so now, I’m following your husband’s blog too. I’m a minor harmless stalker.

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