Sunday Schadenfreude Communion


12/02/2012 by syrbal-labrys

In line with my earlier movie-non-viewing bitching? Rich people having a terrible day? Queen Ann Romney is disappointed; I bet she already was picking out new draperies for the White House, you know?

If you are hearing a tinny mosquito whine sound, relax, it is NOT your ears ringing; it is the world’s smallest violin playing a “My heart bleeds…” but it is largely drowned out here by the mental fireworks and laughter.

And I feel like baking!

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4 thoughts on “Sunday Schadenfreude Communion

  1. Marc says:

    Let me see, the weather in DC is rather unsettled, while La Jolla is nice year-round. No car elevator at the White House, and Anne may have found the size of the residence a tad cramped, since it is used more as a workplace than a residence. No tours of their house in La Jolla, vs daily tours in the White House. I really don’t see what she has to cry about…

    • syrbal says:

      Me neither! But hey, long as it keeps her inside and out of my face in the news, I don’t care.

  2. julesagray says:

    Oh what a hard life the Romneys lead. Guess they have to go back to being just plain old rich again.
    I hope that Sheldon Adelson has a tag sale for them soon to cheer them up.

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